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Read Amelia Dale's introduction to Wings.

ISBN: 9780648511663

Catherine Vidler

These wings were created using Microsoft Word and Microsoft Paint. The complete series comprises 100 wings, 52 of which are black and white, and 48 in colour. This book brings together a selection of these wings, consecutively arranged according to their placement in the complete series. Due to design specifications, all the wings appear here in black and white. Some wings, at their original size, overran page borders; in such cases, the wings have been left in their states of overfill.

Making the wings was a joyful process that continues my explorations of symmetry and asymmetry. As has been the case with others of my large series, I found that the creation of a large number of wings was vitally linked to the emergence of developments, visually, within the series, both in terms of the wings’ individual appearances and more general, overarching shifts. This selection of wings, being excerpted from the complete series, displays the developmental trajectory in a new way.

–Catherine Vidler