Attn: Solitude
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Attn: Solitude

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Read Florian Cramer's introduction to Attn: Solitude.

ISBN: 9780975249260

Attn: Solitude isn’t a straight poetry book, nor is it a strict collation of cyborgian-emulated [chap+lady]book texts. The codework contents in this book do fragmentally fold [+ spit out of/from] poetic conventions. These microtexts do presentation-lap gently [yes: gently, albeit clinically, in some instances] at the cusp of code and poiesis.

Attn: Solitude employs mezangelle – a type of quasi-cobbled conventionset born from 90s digital fomentation – to form packets of code-laced and culturally inflected output. You may choose to snippetswim in[to] these units of mezangelled output, these comprehension chips dragged kicking from one medium and screaming into another. You may not.

If not, then … ? If-then-else.

–Mez Breeze