Whistlin Is Did
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Whistlin Is Did

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Read John Jenkins's introduction to Whistlin Is Did.

ISBN: 9780975249239

Chris Mann

This … (change is clAssy, gets you to the end of the queue, (symmetry it seems doesnt Do much as a theory of mind, still looks too much like music), and coz, Its so, a form of AndOrNotcarrytheOne (what If sounds like when youre dEad, (Next step, Licensing the numbers … and coz the end then lives in diagnosIn Extra time,

… so here are some short, Demonstration silences. this first ones taken from the prayer manual for fixing a recalcitrant Device … (you’ll likely notice it smudges at the edge, but otherwise … (might be fair to follow that with something more, idunno, Meaningful, you know, maybe a, pale skinny wink at the ethical klepto thatAnd as names think of themselves as philosophies, ratbag nouns with a crush on capital andEpileptic is the thing, blackmails time into fucking itself … (the great thing about words but is that you only have to say itWhatever Once and then its trUe. Stuff but, bEauty, the classic Medium, (though is it Fair to think while listening? (something of a recidivist witness, on Ice, (some hypocrisy of the forensics biz, Hidden in ubIquity, like, you know, It, (Profit (when youre far enough away, (comes under the statute of limitations, (all whitewash curators and sanitisers ofLike Cop This. (the words got no subconscious anymore, still has that habit of singing out loud … Anyway, … i’ll pray for you.

–Chris Mann